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A wedding photo of ancestors circa 1900
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Beautiful woman ancestor in sepia tones
Cute baby wearing a long flowing gown
Ancestor man with hand in lapel circa 1860

Family History Research to Help You Find Your True Ancestors

  • Helping you break through “brick walls”

  • Finding records that aren’t available on the internet

  • Making sure your own research is accurate

  • Finding proof of your ancestors

  • Finding lost relatives and friends

  • Saving you many hours of time and frustration

  • Helping interpret your DNA test results

  • Writing up your family history for printing

  • Interpreting old photographs that aren’t labeled

  • Creating beautiful family trees to hang on the wall


Genealogists are trained to find clues for family histories and use analysis that goes beyond what you can find on the major genealogy websites, like, and  Many of the family trees on these websites contain mistakes. Their inexperienced creators often borrow information from other family trees without documentation of where it came from. Errors multiply that way. Genealogists are trained to search for proof. You want to know who your true ancestors were, not the wrong people.

Two twins circa 1909
Two cute twin babies in 1904 clothes
Ancestor woman looking very intelligent
Grandfather and Grandmother immigrants
Handwritten marriage record from 1911

My name is Fred Fuller and I've had a lot of different jobs, from freelance writing, to government offices, to engineering work, all of which have helped me as a genealogist.  In 2021, I took an intensive course in genealogical research from Boston University and then started Huron Genealogical Services LLC. I love the detective work and the historical research that it involves.

Boston University Certificate for Genealogical Research
Fred Fuller, professional genealogist

To discuss how I might help you, contact me by phone or email. 

phone: (810) 304-0276


Huron Genealogy Services is named after my location near the shores of Lake Huron. I'm close to important research archives in Ontario and in Michigan, such as the Library of Michigan and the Detroit Public Library.

Member of the

Association of Professional Genealogists

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Civil War veteran in his uniform
Three very old women ancestors in rocking chairs
Music gathering circa 1900 in sepia tones
Lady ancestor in very fancy dress and hat
Dashing young man ancestor
Victorian graphic decoration

Family History Can Be Very Complicated

Cousin chart for family relationships
Einstein couldn't figure out genealogy
An ancient New England cemetery
Handwritten will from 1712
Very old woman with shrunken face circa 1870
Three young women ancestors in fancy hats
Family group of relatives for wedding circa 1875

There are 32 adults in this photograph.

That is the number of great- great-great-grandparents that you have.

The number of your ancestors doubles every generation, so that in ten generations, you have 1,024 ancestors!

Young man relative with interesting haircut
Two young ancestor sisters
Tree showing there are 1024 ancestors in 10 generations
Two old women ancestors sitting on the side of a 1910 car
Ancestors posed in front of house circa 1880
Schoolmarm in front of a country school class circa 1900

We may be able to find exactly where your ancestors lived using old plat maps

Plat map showing owners of property in Columbus Township 1859
Old-fashioned barn raising in yellowed photo
Postcard from Mr & Mrs O.C_edited.jpg
White churches and building in an old New England town square
Ancestor woman wearing very fancy hat circa 1890
Very old tin-type photo of ancestor man in gold frame
Gathering of women friends in Victorian house circa 1895

I can help you create a short or long family history that includes photographs and charts

I can also help you create beautiful wall charts of any size and complexity

Family tree chart
Family lineage chart with photographs of ancestors
A fan chart of nancestors

Gift cards available starting at $200

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on any kind of project you have in mind

(810) 304-0276

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Let Me Help You Find Your True Ancestors

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And for a little bit of humor, listen to this: "I'm My Own Grandpa"

Downtown store buildings and railroad track circa 1910
Group of young men wearing dark jackets, white pants and brimmed hats
Beautiful woman ancestor looking left
Young woman immigrant in long coat with purse
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